How to Make Pickled Radish

How to Make Pickled Radish

Summer is here and that means, the perfect time to preserve some produce for the colder months. With modern food preservation, food preserves are nice ways to avoid food waste as well as finding new recipes for fruits. One of the most common recipes are pickles so what about picked radish?

Check out this picked radish recipe shared by Perry aka Frontier Farmer. All you need are:

 - radish

- apple cider vinegar

- water

- walnut sugar (sugar made from tapping walnut trees for sap, and rendered it into sugar)

-thai chili

-star anise pods

How to Make Pickled Radish

1. First chop your radish. For this recipe, Perry uses his Cavemanstyle Cleaver Knife.

2. Mix apple cider vinegar, water, walnut sugar, salt, Thai chili, and star anise pod.

3. Bring to boil.

4. Put your chopped radish in a sterilized jar and the liquid.

5. Let it sit for a few days before serving!

6. Enjoy your pickled radish! 




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