Must-try Recipe: Frankenstein's Smoker Treat

Must-try Recipe: Frankenstein's Smoker Treat

The #CavemanTribe surely is a bunch of carnivorous folks but it doesn't meat we only eat meat. Well, soft of.
For this recipe, we want to share something nice and unique. If you want to experiment with your beloved smoker and still has a touch of meat, this is a surprising treat to make.
Presenting, the Frankenstein's Smoker Treat shared by one of our #CavemanChef,  Keith, also known as Dusty Road BBQ. This recipe only needs 4 main ingredients - Oreo cookie, Peanut Butter, Ritz Crackers, and bacon (oh yes!). 
A quick treat to make. Can be an appetizer or a dessert. You just need to sandwich an Oreo cookie, Ritz Crackers and peanut butter. Then wrap them in bacon. Sprinkle with brown sugar before putting them in the smoker for an hour at 275 ºF. 

Try this recipe and your family and friends will surely be delighted! For more recipes, follow Keith/ Dusty Roads BBQ and The Cavemanstyle on Instagram and TikTok

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