Top 6 Best Hiking Spots in the USA

Top 6 Best Hiking Spots in the USA

Cavemanstyle readers! Get your outdoor gear ready for the best hiking spots that you can check out and enjoy in the USA.

 Some of these may allow outdoor cooking in the area, so make sure to bring the cooking knife that's built for versatility and tough situations.

Note: In light of COVID-19, make sure to check the local government regulations before booking your hikes or visiting the area.

Angel's Landing Trail - Utah


                                  Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash


This 7.08-kilometer hiking trail with breathtaking scenic outlooks is part of Zion National Park. It's an out-and-back, rocky-yet-partially-paved trail that's perfect for tough adventurers who are not afraid of heights and enjoy full-body cardio workouts. Other activities to do in the national park are: horseback riding, panoramic helicopter flight, stargazing in the New International Dark Sky and canyoneering.

Devil's Bridge Trail - Arizona


                              Photo by Leslie Cross on Unsplash

This out-and-back hiking trail in Coconino National Forest is 6.28 kilometers long and offers spectacular views of the Red Rock country. Aside from hiking, the trail also allows for off-road driving especially those with high-clearance vehicles. Other things to do in the national park include fishing, boating, caving, skiing (winter), and helping in an archaeology excavation site (if available).

Camping is also available throughout the park, as designated and dispersed campgrounds are available; so make sure to buy your cooking knife online from The Cavemanstyle beforehand.


Nugget Falls Trail - Alaska 

This 3.22-kilometer out-and-back trail in Tongass National Forest offers easy and pleasant hiking challenges as you walk on gravel paths towards an awe-inspiring waterfall and magnificent views of the Mendenhall Glacier. Other activities in this trail include biking, trail running, and bird and/or wildlife watching. Tongass National Forest has public-use cabins and also allows for camping.


Highline Trail - Montana

This 23.98-kilometer trail in Glacier National Park is an out-and-back trail that's considered as one of the most popular spots for hikers in the US. It offers hard hiking challenges and takes almost 7 hours to complete. It offers magnificent views of rivers, forest, wildflowers and wildlife. Backpacking and camping is allowed in the area, so don't forget your Cavemanstyle knife or cleaver for your outdoor cooking needs.


Emerald Lake Trail - Colorado

This out-and-back trail is a 5.15-kilometer path in Rocky Mountain National Park. There are stunning views of Tyndall Glacier, Flattop Mountain, and Hallett Peak, among others. Aside from hiking, snowshoeing is also a popular activity in this spot during winter. In the national park, you can also do guided horseback riding, wildlife trekking, boating, rafting, backpacking, climbing, fishing and off-road driving. There are no overnight accommodations in the national park, but there are four established campgrounds for vehicle campers and one for solely tent campers.


Fairy Falls Trail - Wyoming

No article about the best hiking trails should leave the historic Yellowstone National Park out of the list. This 2.2-million-acre area has a lot of hiking trails, and Fairy Falls Trail is one of the best. The trail is a 72-kilometer, out-and-back hiking path that provides easy and pleasant challenges for the entire family. It's also a stroller-friendly trail. Trail running and camping can also be done on this path, among other activities available throughout the entire area of the national park.


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