3 Recipes to Try to Get Through this Week

3 Recipes to Try to Get Through this Week

 Are you looking for another set of recipes to try out this week? Well, you're in luck! We have three new recipes to share to our Cavemanstyle readers so that you can get through the week with delectable dishes that any outdoor enthusiasts will love!

So if you haven't done so, order your Caveman knives today so that you can prepare your meat and other ingredients in style.


Jumpstart the week with Hotdog Burnt Ends

 Are you still serving hotdogs in boring and seemingly effortless ways? Well, here's a great recipe that will give life to the way you cook and serve hotdogs!

What you need:

  • Hotdogs
  • Mayonnaise (as a binder)
  • BoonJug's BBQ rub and all purpose seasoning
  • BoonJug's shine sauce - hot
  • Butter
  • Brown sugar



  • Get some creases on the hotdogs.
  • Slice the hotdogs into shorter pieces and put them in a bowl.
  • Mix in mayonnaise and Boon Jugs rub.
  • Cook on the Camp Chef grill at 250 degree F for an hour
  • Transfer to a pan and add chunks of butter, BoonJug's hot sauce and brown sugar
  • Cook again for 20-30 minutes.
  • Serve!



Keep the week going with A Better Burger

 Following on our reinvention of plain hotdogs at the start of the week, our Midweek Recipe is about creating a much better burger. Thanks to rock star chef Matt, we now have an upgrade to the regular burgers we so often put on our grill.

Here are some practical burger-making tips from Chef Matt:

  • Choose 80/20 ground chuck
  • Make the burgers as fast as you can to avoid losing the fat
  • Pick a great bun and not the less-than-a-dollar ones
  • Butter and toast the buns
  • Mix different types of cheeses when assembling your burger
  • Make some crispy thick-cut bacon pieces
  • Use the bacon grease to cook the burgers
  • Add some freshly fried onion rings.


Chef Matt emphasizes on adding some seasoning to your onion rings. So don't forget it!


Don't forget the Caveman Ultimo Knife 2.0 for superb efficiency when cooking outdoors.


Enjoy the weekend with Bacon-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin

Cap the week off with a delectable serving of beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon and drizzled with red velvety wine butter sauce. Once again, Chef Matt is showing us another way of cooking and serving standard meat chunks.

Check out his video for some mouth-watering visuals, stimulating sounds and relaxing music as he quickly demonstrates the recipe while cooking in the great outdoors.


As always, Chef Matt reminds us to use seasoning to enhance the flavor of the meat. Use it to give your meat a finishing shake.

 To ensure skillfully sliced meat chunks, make sure to use well-balanced and ruthlessly sharp tools such as those in The Caveman Ultimo Knife Buy 3 Get 3 Bundle.

Here are more tips from the Chef:

  • Wrap the steak in bacon with a toothpick, if preferred.
  • Rub the bacon-side down a little on the pan for greasing
  • Add 1/2 butter, garlic and herbs. Baste.
  • Add peppers and mushrooms
  • You can also add vegetables for color.                                                        
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